Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Back with a bang

Yeah, you are right. Am back to blogging :) Well, I plan to keep my blog updated from now on and I hope I do. Obviously, I am blogging because years down the lane, I wanna know what I was doing back then. Its one kind of a diary for me. A diary which I don't mind sharing with anyone...

I was driving back home when I was thinking about what to write in my blog everyday and I think my observation capacity is the highest when I drive. The next incident I am going to state may contradict this line ;) Well, I was in my dream world as I was driving and a kid just came in between. I struck the break cord and with all my might caught up my heavy Honda Activa and made sure I didn't fall down! There came a screeching sound which caught the attention of almost every person on the road. It was embarrassing, but then such incidents do happen in life to give you a wake up call at times. Thank God my reflex action was good enough and Good Heavens nothing happened to the child! You can't beat my observation capacity on the road, can you?! ;)

Anyways, the reason I narrated this incident here was to show that I learnt something from this. I have learnt the importance of driving safely and driving well. Though this is something I would want to forget, I ought to remember the lessons learnt from such things. I am sure that many such incidents happen in our daily life and we need to pay heed to such things so that they don't happen in the future. So it is all about observing things that happen in your life and learning from them.

Eureka!! Now I think I found an answer to my ever-persisting question "What do I blog everyday". If I cant find a nice topic to write about, I am gonna write about what I learn or observe everyday. I will  try and pursue my blogging everyday (Or at least, every other day!! ) I think this is gonna  motivate me to learn from incidents that happen in my life. Moreover, it will motivate me to keep my blog updated on that so that years down the lane, I will know what I did and what I learnt :) 

I believe life is all about learning every day...every second...every moment... So learn to learn :)

Happy learning :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Winning and Losing

Why does everyone like to Win and hate to lose? Is it because it bolsters one's ego? May be..
Why does everyone keep running behind success? Is it because they want to prove something to the world? May be..

Winning does give people a sense of satisfaction. But if you analyse closely, the sense of satisfaction is probably because they compare themselves with others. Success in this material world is very relative. People do not consider it as absolute. May be that's why most people who are successful, find it difficult to retain their success.

We all need to view success as absolute and not relative. And more importantly, we should learn to accept failures as gracefully as we accept success. That is true character! We have to enjoy the journey of life and not pay heed to "Success" and "Failure". In this world which is getting more and more competitive by the day, we can be happy only if we learn to see success and failure as two sides of the same coin.

So what matters the most is the journey, not the result. The experience, not the outcome. Then there would be many reasons to smile in life.

Does success always do good for you? I have pondered about this many times and I don't think it does. Not always. It takes a lot of effort to handle success. I have known people who have lost a lot because of their inability to handle success. Some have lost their family, some their respect in the society and some their character!! Most of the time, failure teaches you more than success. Someone once said, "Any man and sail through turbulence, but if you want to judge a man's character, give him Power and see how he handles it". I would like to substitute "Power" with "Success" and I still believe it makes sense.

Sometimes you win by losing something..and sometimes you lose by winning something!!

So have the right spirit and balance your victories and failures gracefully.

Hope you enjoyed this article..and forgive me if I was too preachy :D