Wednesday, May 27, 2009


What travels faster than the fastest moving object?! The answer is...Your MIND. Just hold on for a second and observe how fast your mind travels. Trust me, you will surely be amazed. I really admire those people who have control over their thoughts!! Now leaving that apart, what made me speak about the swiftness of mind?

I was just lying down lazily on my bed one evening think about how to kill time. I didn't feel like spending time with my friends too (strangely!) . Going out for eating/shopping didn't amuse me either. What did I decide to do? I decided to just spend time with myself and think about my past. (You know what? you sometimes need this kind of introspection! the more you spend this kind of time, the more refreshed you will feel)

What flashed my mind was not the small achievements of my life or the acquaintances I have had. It was not my family or friends. Unexpectedly, what occupied my empty mind was my life at Rosary Matric..My very own school...The thoughts..The place..The ground..The assembly..The teachers.. Sister Leena D'Souza (my principal).. They all bring nothing but joy to me. The best part of my schooling, from L.K.G to Class IX was in Rosary. I was such a tom-boy back then in this all-girls school. Those were truly the best days of my life! I remembered about those small awards that were given to us and they way we all competed to get them. Awards like "Best Behavior", "Best Dressed", etc meant so much to each one of us. Being a house captain or leader was something to boast off. I remembered how we used to fight for our marks and await the rankholders ceremony. All of those things seem so trivial now. And so meaningless. What brings meaning to my life are these memories and not the awards..The people and not situations.. These memories are worth everything in this world.

I really didn't know that life at Rosary Matric would bring a smile and few drops of tears (of joy of course!) almost a decade later. It just gave me a pleasant surprise :)

Enjoy every moment of your life and try to remember small things that happened in the past. You never know what small things will bring you a smile decades later!