Saturday, May 10, 2008

School Life

Ok here’s my blog about my School life. I’ve studied in two schools. One is Rosary Matriculation n the other is in Adarsh Vidyalaya. I’ve been two totally different persons in both these schools. If you ask me which school I like the most, I sure wouldn’t have de answer! I’ve liked both the schools n different ways n hated them in different ways too!

First about Rosary Matric.

This is the school that made me “What I am today”! Really.  Partly.. Yo! ‘m confusing! Basically I mean all de discipline n   so called “manners” were taught to me in this school! The “Convent Education” has its own +`s n –`s. But all that apart. I hav enjoyed my school life ONLY in this school. I was this total “Tom Boy” of my class .I was a very short gal with boy cut (2nd shortest. Can’t beat my dear friend Vaishu for being de shortest!)  sitting in the first row n walking out of the class whenever I get the slightest chance! And v used to hav few teachers who were very young. They had just finished college n joined de school for teaching math. Vaishu n me were their pets! They used to call both of us to de staff room and simply talk to us. Give us chocolates…what not!  And yeah being the Fatima house captain was something very very special for me! I was the Princi’s pet! Seriously .She used to like me so much coz I used to play TT n win prizes for Rosary Matriculation. :-p.But you know wat…Sister Leena Dsouza( my Princi) is a woman whom I Respect, Adore ,wat do I say! She is the most respectable woman I’ve ever known. When a person looks at her, he/she automatically respects her. She is a wonderful woman. She is the woman who really encouraged me to play TT in spite of my exams and all. Once I remember, I wrote my Half-Yearly exam (not sure which subject) at 6 a.m in the morning! She had arranged a special Invigilator for me to write the exam. I finished my exam at 8.30 and rushed to Nehru Stadium for my Sub-Junior Nationals! I am very grateful to her! I was in Rosary Matriculation till my 9th standard. I had to leave de school after that for 10th 11th n 12th coz they said playing TT in these crucial years of school was risky. And Sister Leena was leaving that year!. So I decided its no more my place to study and went to Adarsh Vidyalaya for my 10th 11th n 12th std.

Now to life in Adarsh!

Life in Adarsh is very special to me! Firstly coz I met my best buddies in life over here!  And secondly coz this is the school which transformed me to a responsible and a matured gal! I became a very very quiet gal here ( had to keep up my mom’s name man!!..btw, she was a teacher in Adarsh). I kept wondering where that “tom boy” jalaja disappeared! I dint pretend to be quiet. I really started talking less. It was the “talk less and think more” period for me! (may b just like evry1 of this age! ) I never used to attend classes here too. Firstly I used to miss classes coz of TT and Secondly coz I was the sports secretary in 11th and 12th.  It was a great feeling to be a leader. We learn a lot. I started liking taking up responsibility. As I said earlier, this is the school which gave me my best buddies in life! I knew Sweta already, coz she was from Rosary. I met Poorna and Divya here. We four got along really well and ‘m so glad I met them in my life. The best part is that we also live in the same locality. So v could hang out together more often. ‘m sure our friendship will stand the test of time.(‘ll write a separate blog about our friendship later!).

So long :)